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The Herman Miller Aeron chair is an office chair designed in 1994 by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick. The name is adopted after the Celtic God Aeron, it refers to Aeronautic and Aeration. It’s designed and produced by the Herman Miller company and initially, they were associated with the dot-com bubble since they were popular with the web start-ups during the 1990’s. The advantage of the Aeron chair is that it’s designed by the recycled materials, 94 percent of the materials used in the making of this chair is recyclable. For almost 24 years, people who have used these chairs in their offices have enjoyed the comfort and the conducive working environment they create in the office. Its outstanding features has earned it popularity throughout the years and a good place in history, hence preferred by most individuals who work in the office.

Design of the Aeron chair

The Aeron chair is the most efficient and ergonomic office chair for any working environment. From its revolutionary look it has changed completely the way people thought about the chairs used in the office, it provides comfort and a good body support, since it has motions that one experiences while seated. The Herman Miller Aeron desk chair has some adjustments that are easy to control, and some innovative suspension which allows it to move effortlessly that brings a good relaxation to the body. It has a mechanism that allows shoulder, neck, knees, ankles and the hips pivot naturally without causing uneasiness to the person seated. The Herman Aeron task chair is very effective when used by someone with a lot of work to handle, because it dissipates the body heat that builds up when someone is busy, it does this through the unique breathable Pellicle.

The Herman Aeron side chair is designed in such a way that it has the wide, high and contoured back whose purpose is to ensure that the lower spine is not pressured as is the case with other office chairs. Therefore, it keeps at bay the side effects that may result in the lower spine pain. It has the most comfortable and the natural support since the armrests slopes just slightly down in the back and the head is free to move every side. At the edge of this seat, there is a “waterfall” edge that eliminates the building up of the pressure on the thighs to ensure that the blood keeps circulating and enables one to be focused and alert. The Herman Aeron office chair is straight such that someone does not bend his back during work, it can be adjusted to achieve the level of comfort that one desires.

Materials used in the design of Aeron chair

The material that is used in the construction and design of the Herman Miller Aeron office chair is steel, plastic foam, aluminum and the textile. The pellicle patented fabric used in making the chair conforms to the body of the user, and also retains its original shape when it’s not occupied. The Herman Miller chair is made to be environmentally friendly and provides a long time of satisfying operation. The fabric used in making the Aeron chair is durable and can maintain the good appearance after many years of regular use, because it returns to its original shape when it’s not in use. Most people who have used the Herman Miller Aeron side chair for years still love it. Herman Miller offers their customers a 12 year warranty for these chairs in the bid to demonstrate faith in their goods to the customers. This shows their commitment to the long term benefits for their customers.

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