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About Herman Miller Chairs and Benches

Herman Miller Caper Chairs are known for being eco-friendly, comfortable and agile. The Caper Chairs were designed by Jeff Weber with Studio Weber+Associates. Their mission is to make seating that is affordable, flexible and reduces the carbon footprint. Studio Weber+Associates take every need into account during the design process. Crafting the art of the Herman Miller furniture design and manufacturing business is one way in which they’re quickly pulling themselves into being a lead of the business. They design every kind of modern chair from faux leather Herman Miller executive chairs to public seating to stools. After a decade of selling over a million chairs, the business has teamed up with Studio 7.5 to improving old designs and making new ones.

Herman Miller Stacking Chair

The Herman Miller Stacking Chair is very light and easy to move. They allow room for more storage space. They are especially ideal if you have company over often at your home, for informal public places such as churches and they also make excellent patio chairs. The Chair_One has an especially intriguing design as it has a soccer-ball like design. It may not look comfortable at first glance but it’s manufactured with aluminum and the design has more voidance than filled space in it. It is particularly recommended for outdoor use and cushions (available in fabric or leather) are sold separately.

Herman Miller Multipurpose Chair

The Herman Miller Multipurpose Chair comes in many different forms. Here is a list of a few of them:

-The Public Office Landscape chair was designed to increase comfort for circulated spaces. This is believed to help increase focus on the tasks at hand. It was designed by Yves Behar and his team at Fuseproject with the main goal of merging larger spaces into one at the workplace.

-The Osso Chair is a simple wooden chair with lengthy legs. Its basic design is of two panels merging together. It is available in plain as well as nine colors.

-The Herman Miller Earnes Molded Fiberglass Chairs are a resemblance of the original 1950’s design only they are more stable. They are available in both arm and side forms and in eight different colors.

Herman Miller Stools

The Herman Miller stools come in a variety of intriguing forms. The Eames Walnut stools in particular are multi-purpose. They look like gigantic chess pieces and that it might make you question whether they really are tools at first glance. Well, aside from putting a seatable cushion on it, you can also use it as a plant- or night stand or simply as a decorative piece for your home or office. The Capelli Stool is design to be used as a seat as it resembles two rippling fingers and is very stable. Similarly, the Osso Stool has a concaved seat with footrests.

Herman Miller Benches

Last but not least, Herman Miller furniture sells three types of their own benches. The Folly is particularly intriguing as its design resembles that of an undulating infinity sign. It is manufactured from indestructible polyethylene which makes it ideal for either in- or outdoor use. Their Nelson Platform bench resembles the original 1946 design only it is refined to make the rectilinear lines look “cleaner” in order to preserve George Nelson’s philosophy of an “honest design”. Finally, the tuxedo bench is a simple design of three dividing cushions. Hence, the tuxedo bench is ideal for public seating in museums, college buildings and anywhere else that involves a lot of walking around.

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