Eames Shell Chair with Ottoman

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The Shell Chair and Molded Plastic Chair

The Eames Herman Miller shell chair is an example of what magnificent shell chairs should look like. Innovation in the shell chair involves improving on the configuration, finishing and form. Herman Miller’s first invention of the shell chair meant experimenting with stamped metal and plywood though by 1950s, this had improved to fiberglass and bent wire. However, use of fiberglass is not safe for the environment because of how it is produced. As a result, Herman Miller makes use of polypropylene, which is 100% recyclable.

Ray and Charles Eames in the 1950’s acknowledged that using fiberglass was not safe for the environment. In 2001, Herman Miller introduced to the world the Molded Plastic Chair that is made of pure polypropylene. The Herman Miller Eames molded plastic chair is not only 100% recyclable, but it is durable and made of a soft subtle finish. The molded plastic chairs are available in different colors and in side and arm forms with upholstery. The chairs can easily be configured using trim array fabrics and wire choices.

Management and Ottoman Chairs

The Herman Miller Management Chair is a product of Charles and Ray Eames designs. The herman miller eames management chair has perfect material finishing and is available with or without arms. The chair has a timeless design and is fitted with new features, and a silhouette shape that offers grace and comfort.

The Herman Miller Eames chair and ottoman set is originally designed to have a receptive and comfortable feeling, which is ideal for accommodating workmates and friends in any environment. The lounge chair design is purposely meant to improve living room fixtures, and illustrate the art of plywood molding. The Lounge chair offers style and comfort to office interiors worldwide. The Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman set come in two sizes of multiple veneer and leather options, and the design assures the client authenticity and quality.

History of Herman Miller Chairs

For decades now, Herman Miller furniture founded by Ray and Charles Eames is still at the forefront in manufacturing office furniture. Herman Miller makes use of innovative designs and research to produce quality products. It believes in the conservation of the environment, which is why their office chairs are designed using materials that are easy to recycle. The company has with time improved its designs and styles to fit the latest trends in 21st Century. The first ever influential chair designed by the company is the Soft Pad Chair. This office chair was an idea from Ray Eames and Charles Eames, and was introduced in 1969. Since then, the company has created many kinds of office chairs like the herman miller eames shell chair, and the Herman Miller Management Chair to suit the needs of office workers.

Only 75% of the population can boast of having well-adjusted and fitted chairs in their work spaces. The Herman Miller Eames chair brands are just but a few of what quality Herman Miller offers as brands that are in the market today. Office chair manufacturing firms are working towards filling the gap to ensure all office workers enjoy the perks of having a comfortable seat. In addition, chair companies also need to think about women needs who form the larger percentage of the workforce worldwide today. The emergence and advancement of technology has gone a long way in empowering these companies to create quality chair products at affordable prices, and they should therefore, be able to produce gender sensitive products in the coming days. This calls for unique and quality any chair producing company is to make it big in the market today.

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