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Businesses today prefer a furniture company, such as Herman Miller, that offers a holistic approach to developing work environments that are uniquely designed, productive, and professional. Functionality and flair blend together when selecting office furniture, but ergonomics is the most important factor to consider in the workplace. Herman Miller workstations need to be designed in a manner that ensures improvement in quality of work. The ergonomic workstation design should be such that, workers can perform tasks, and move comfortably in the office. While choosing a company that manufactures office furniture, the health and comfort of the employees is also of importance.

About Krug & Geiger

Founded in 1880, Krug furniture is a leading manufacturer and designer of office furniture. The company offers products that are handled by the best distributors, architects, and designers around the world. Krug office furniture is aesthetic in value and comes in a wide range of variety for customer selection. Office products are manufactured in accordance with unique specifications of clients. Krug offers customers unbelievable turnaround choices and flexible options to select from. The company delivers vertically integrated products to their clients, and this is what makes them a leading furniture company today.
Their sister company, Geiger International, Inc. was incorporated in 1986. The company’s Perfect Vision 2020 motivates their ideologies in the furniture business including 100 percent green energy, zero emissions of water and air, construction of LEED Silver, zero landfills, and zero waste hazards. Geiger believes in protecting the environment, and the designers ensure they develop workstations that are of good quality while still maintaining as little costs as possible to the environment. You can find both of these amazing brands at Modern Office Furniture Miami!

Krug and Geiger Office Furniture

Krug bases its success on clean aesthetics and good quality products. The company offers its customers solutions to their custom-made specifications along with ready to sell office furniture. Each piece is designed to fit into a modern and stylish office space, eye-catching and elegant. Krug’s Virtue Workspace is designed as a work of art highlighting the workers freedom to move around his/her workspace with ease. Krug products are perfectly made and delivered on time to ensure customers get their ideal working space ready in no time.

Geiger office furniture is a company built on tradition, and it offers clients furniture that concentrates on quality woodwork. Geiger’s portfolio is unquestionable, and some of its products include a Caucus table collection, full-twist chairs by Mark Goetz, a line table, deft chairs by Khodi Fetz, and much more. The company believes in perfection and creates wood workstations that are excellent for every type of office without compromising on security and privacy. Geiger products, such as Geiger Levels Private Offices come with timeless designs that fit into any office space or environment, and this is an ideal space that makes the company a favorite for clients looking for customized office spaces.

A Herman Miller office space reflects how important a company considers its image to its clients. Whether the client is in need of office furniture or workstations, there are several preferences to choose from including My Studio, Active Office Environment or even Resolve Systems. Krug and Geiger offers a wide variety of products to fit clients demands. Krug and Geiger office furniture companies strive to provide customers with office products that are modern and with elegant design. Regardless of whether the customer prefers Geiger’s absolute designed furniture over Krug’s contemporary and sleek designs, that’s not an issue because both firms offer quality products. This may include case goods, finishes, desk & conference seating, textiles guest seating, multipurpose seating, soft searing and occasional tables.

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