How Do I Activate My EE Top Up Card?

Or call us to top-up by credit or debit card or redeem an e-voucher.

You can top-up with a credit or debit card using My EE at any time.

  • log in to My EE.
  • select top-up.
  • select the amount you want to top-up.
  • enter your payment card details, review and confirm.

How do I top up my EE phone?

Or call us to top-up by credit or debit card or redeem an e-voucher.

  1. call 150 from your EE phone or 07953 966 250 from any phone.
  2. choose top-up and follow the instructions.

Where can I top up my EE card?

There are three ways you can top up while abroad: log in to My EE and go to Menu > Top up. call +44 7953 966 250 and top up using a credit or debit card. call our overseas top up line on 360 from your EE phone.

How do I remove my card details from EE?

you can only remove cards three months or more after they’re added.

To add or remove a credit or debit card in My EE:

  • log in to My EE.
  • go to Menu > Bills and payment > Make a payment.
  • view the cards you’re using and make a change.

How do I activate my EE pay as you go SIM?

All you need to do is:

  1. insert the SIM into your 4GEE WiFi device.
  2. connect to the browser – you can do this by connecting a laptop or tablet to your 4GEE WiFi or by turning on 4G on your device.
  3. once connected, select Register.
  4. register your details, then select Activate.

How does pay as you go work EE?

EE pay as you go packs come with superfast 4G and start from only £1. Each pack comes loaded with minutes, texts and data. Simply use your credit to buy the pack that best suits how you want to use your phone and each month or week it will automatically renew and come out of your credit.

How do I add data on EE?

log in to My EE. go to Menu > Plan & add-ons. go to Add-on > Buy add-ons.

Alternatively, you can buy an add-on before you go through the 4G network:

  • open your browser and go to
  • go to Purchase and select the data add-on you want to buy.
  • activate the data add-on you’ve purchased.

How long does EE pay as you go credit last?

Uses the EE network.

They have a Pay As You Go SIM card where your credit never expires (you just need to use your phone every 270 days to keep the SIM card active).

How do I top up pay as you go?

You just need your mobile number and a credit or debit card handy. Call 4444 free from your mobile, or 08456 062 277 from a landline. Have your debit or credit card handy and follow the simple instructions. To top-up, hand over your e-top up card at any O2 shop or other store with the green top-up logo.

How do I change my card details on EE?

To set up and edit a credit or debit card payment:

  1. log in to My EE.
  2. select My EE Broadband.
  3. go to My Payments > Change payment details.
  4. follow the steps to change or update your payment details.

How do I change my bank details on EE?

To update or change your billing or postal address:

  • log into My EE.
  • select Account settings from the menu.
  • go to the Your address tab.
  • select Change next to your billing or postal address.

How do I stop ee auto top up?

You’ll no longer need to remember to top up to get your pack as it’ll renew automatically.

How do I stop card payments?

  1. log in to My EE to cancel your pack or remove the payment card.
  2. text STOP PACK to 150.
  3. call 150 from your EE phone and use our automated service.

How long does it take for a SIM to activate?

Sim activations : Sim activations can take upto 24 hours to complete but yes mostly they go though instantly or within 30 minutes ! If possible please take your sim out now and put back after couple of minutes later so that it can look for fresh signal that’s will make process quicker !

How do I activate my new SIM card?

New phone or SIM card activation

  • Go to
  • Select Activate your device for AT&T wireless device.
  • Enter the required information.
  • Select Continue.
  • Follow the prompts to complete your activation.

How do I register with EE?

To register for My EE follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Create an account – enter your name, email address and a password. You’ll use your email address and password to Log in.
  2. Confirm your account– we’ll send you an email, open it and click the ‘Verify you email address’ link within 24 hours.
  3. Connect your account.