Question: How Does Sky Mobile Swap Work?

You’re effectively buying the phone on credit and paying Sky back in the usual monthly instalments.

When it’s time to swap, Sky buys back your old device and puts the money towards paying off any remaining balance on the interest-free loan.

How this works depends on when you swap and the state of your old phone.

How does Sky Mobile upgrade work?

How does Sky Mobile Swap work? This means your monthly payment is split into two: one part goes towards paying back the phone and the other part is what you pay for your monthly allowance of data, calls and texts. Swap12 is a 24-month contract, but gives you the option to upgrade to a new model after 12 months.

Can you keep your phone on Sky swap?

No. When you Swap, you’ll be purchasing a new device from our Sky Mobile range and sending back your old device. If you don’t return your old device to us after you’ve received your new one, you won’t get a credit for it and your monthly device payments (if applicable) will continue for both devices.

What is Sky Mobile swap?

Swapping any time after the 12th month (Swap12), 24th month (Swap24) or 36th month (Swap36) and any device damage will reduce your device’s value and the amount you’ll get for it. See ‘The value of your old phone or tablet (swap)’ above for more information.

How does Sky Mobile Mix work?

Sky Mobile’s data plan costs: The new plans will retain all the benefits of Sky Mobile; Roll, Mix, Save, Sync and Swap. With Roll, each month any unused data is automatically rolled over into a Sky Piggybank and saved for up to three years, for customers to dip into whenever they like.