Quick Answer: Is Boost Unlimited Data Really Unlimited?

Unlimited data, talk & text with 3GB of 4G LTE High-Speed Data plan your hotspot data usage is drawn from your overall data bucket including the 3GB 4GLTE high-speed data.

Unlimited GIGs plan, 12GB of hotspot usage is included in the plan but there is no option to buy more hotspot usage.

Is Boost Mobile Unlimited data really unlimited?

Boost Mobile today announced a deal that includes “unlimited” 4G LTE data at a very low price. However, the offer has a number of significant “gotchas.” Boost Mobile, a pre-paid mobile phone service, will give you “unlimited” talk, text and data for just $35 a month for six months – no contract required.

How much is unlimited data on boost?

The Boost Unlimited GIGS plan includes unlimited domestic talk, text and 4G LTE Data for all lines. It also includes 12GB of mobile hotspot. First line is $50/month and each additional line is $30/month, up to 5 lines. All taxes and fees are included in the monthly plan’s price.

Does Boost Mobile have data cap?

Both of Boost Mobile’s unlimited data plans come with a data prioritization policy in place. Those that consume more than 23 GB of data in a month may see their data speeds temporarily reduced during times of heavy network congestion.

Is Boost Mobile 50 unlimited plan?

Boost Unlimited Plus plan is available for a limited time and includes: Unlimited 4G LTE Data w/HD video (requires capable device; 4G LTE where available) Unlimited Talk, including up to 50 minutes of nationwide domestic roaming (select phones) Unlimited Text, including text, picture and video messaging.

Who has the best unlimited data plan?

What Is the Best Unlimited Plan for Individuals?

CarrierPlan NameWho’s It Good For
SprintSprint Unlimited PlusCustomers who want extras like Hulu and Tidal without paying top dollar
AT&TAT&T Unlimited & More PremiumCustomers who want unlimited data and streaming TV through AT&T without restrictions

2 more rows

Is boost better than Metro?

While both phone companies have good features and some problems, Metro will offer you more coverage and better plans overall than Boost Mobile. However, you may pay less and get a higher quality phone through Boost Mobile. Metro runs on T-Mobile’s network and offers more plans than Boost.

Is boost hotspot unlimited?

Boost Mobile is now offering no-contract 4G LTE WiFi hotspot data plans and devices to customers, starting at $49.99 for a mobile hotspot device and $25 per month for a 1.5GB data plan. A 10GB mobile hotspot data plan is also available for $50 a month.

Is Boost Mobile good?

Boost Mobile is not the best value if you’re looking for unlimited plans, but we like its $35 option. If Sprint coverage and performance are good in your area, Boost Mobile is a decent choice for a budget cell phone provider.

Is Boost Mobile better than cricket?

Both Boost and Cricket offer a selection of plans for casual users and power users alike. Cricket has a much better network in parent AT&T than Boost on Sprint. Uncompressed media streaming on Boost costs an extra $20 per month. Cricket caps your LTE speeds at 8Mbps.

How do I get more data for Boost Mobile?

More GIGs 4G LTE data is a recurring subscription add-on to your monthly plan that allows you to increase the amount of high-speed data you have access to each month. They are available for purchase by visiting My Account and the cost of the add-on will be added onto to your monthly Boost Mobile service plan.

What phone company offers unlimited hotspot?

The Cheapest Mobile WiFi Hotspot Plans

Mobile WiFi Hotspot ProviderHotspot Plan Cost
AT&T hotspot$25/mo: 2GB $50/mo: 5GB $75/mo: 8GB
Boost Mobile hotspot$25/mo: 1.5GB $50/mo: 10GB
FreedomPop hotspot$0/mo: <500MB $19.99: 2GB $28.99: 3GB $34.99: 4GB $39.99: 5GB $74.99: 10GB

8 more rows

How much is unlimited hotspot with Boost Mobile?

Is Mobile Hotspot available for all plans? Mobile Hotspot is included in our $35/$50 Boost Mobile Unlimited plans, on hotspot capable phones.