Is BT Email Free?

When you take broadband from BT, the Standard email product comes free.

Premium email gives users the same functions and features as the Standard email product, but is a standalone, paid-for email service.

It’s only available to people who are giving up their broadband with BT, but want to keep their email access.

Do you have to pay for a BT email address?

Good news – you can keep your BT ( email address when you cancel BT broadband. To do so, you’ll need to sign up to BT Premium Mail. Any additional email addresses linked to your account will be transferred across to the new service too, so you won’t lose a thing.

How do I get a BT email address?

How to create a new email address for yourself or a minor

  • Log in to My BT with your BT ID >
  • Select Package, then Included extras and scroll down to find BT Email.
  • Next click Manage BT Email.
  • Select the Create new email address link.
  • You’ll be asked to choose your new email address and provide a password for it.

What happens to your email when you leave BT?

When your BT Broadband service stops, any email addresses associated with the account will remain in an active state for just 60 days. During this time you can move your email address to BT Premium Mail. If the BT Broadband service has been ceased, you’ll see a message and a link to Move to BT Premium Mail.

Is BT Yahoo mail free?

BT email comes free with our BT Broadband packages (residential BT Broadband packages only). If you’ve got BT Broadband you no longer need to pay for Premium Mail. Please call us on 0808 100 6778 (option 2) so we can remove any charges for Premium Mail.

Is BT email address free?

BT Email is the optional free email service that comes with BT Broadband.

Is there a problem with BT email?

BT Mail problems: Error code 0x800CCC0E – Cannot connect to server. This means your mail client is unable to connect to your mail server. If your connection to the internet is OK, and you can surf the web as normal, you should first check that the problem is not a temporary fault affecting BT’s mail service.

How much does BT Premium Mail Cost?

The Premium email product gives you exactly the same functionality as the Standard email product you get with broadband from BT, but you have to pay for it. It costs £7.50 a month by direct debit and you can create up to 10 extra email addresses for family and friends.

What type of email is Btinternet?

Setup Your Account with Your Email Program Using IMAP (BT Mail) IMAP
IMAP port993
IMAP securitySSL / TLS
IMAP usernameYour full email address
IMAP passwordYour password

How do I get a BT account?

Adding an account on My BT

  1. Go to and log in using your BT ID username and password.
  2. Click on Settings and then Account.
  3. If you have more than one account linked to your profile, look on the right corner of your screen for a dropdown and click on it. This will show a list of accounts linked to your BT ID.