Quick Answer: Is Cricket Better Than Boost?

Both Boost and Cricket offer a selection of plans for casual users and power users alike.

Cricket has a much better network in parent AT&T than Boost on Sprint.

Uncompressed media streaming on Boost costs an extra $20 per month.

Cricket caps your LTE speeds at 8Mbps.

Is Metro better than cricket?

MetroPCS has an edge when it comes to its unlimited plans’ data caps — MetroPCS has a 35 GB limit before throttling speeds, whereas Cricket’s unlimited plans start to slow at 22 GB. However, when it comes to performance, Cricket wins. MetroPCS is owned by T-Mobile, meaning it has the same coverage and reliability.

Is cricket as good as AT&T?

Cricket uses a large, reliable network thanks to its parent company AT&T. Price-wise, it’s comparable to other MVNOs like MetroPCS and Boost Mobile, but its 8 Mbps data speed cap puts it at a distinct disadvantage. If AT&T is the best network in your area and you’re a light data user, Cricket is a good option.

Is Boost Mobile any good?

Boost Mobile is not the best value if you’re looking for unlimited plans, but we like its $35 option. If Sprint coverage and performance are good in your area, Boost Mobile is a decent choice for a budget cell phone provider.

Is cricket better than T Mobile?

Cricket Wireless

Cricket’s cheaper unlimited plan is only $25 per line for a family of four, but it limits data speeds to 3 Mbps on AT&T’s network. With both plans, mobile hotspot is an add-on feature that gets you 10GB for an extra $10 a month.