Quick Answer: Is Sprint Service Getting Better?

If you want a cheap cell carrier with decent service—and you live in a metro or suburban area—then Sprint is a pretty good choice.

Coverage: Sprint definitely falls behind Verizon and AT&T when it comes to coverage, but it’s comparable to T-Mobile.

Is Sprint better than Verizon?

Verizon takes first place for most expensive provider. It’s easy to see that Sprint has lower pricing than Verizon—and pricing is definitely the biggest perk for choosing Sprint. Sprint has only one unlimited plan, and it’s way cheaper than either of Verizon’s unlimited options.

Will Verizon pay me to switch 2019?

If you were looking to switch to a new carrier, all the big cell phone companies had tempting offers to pay off early termination fees — except for Verizon. No longer. Verizon will now pay up to $650 per line if you sign up for a new smartphone plan and trade in your old phone.

Will Verizon pay to switch from Sprint?

Of course, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon will pay up to a certain amount of your termination fee when you trade in your device. Simply port your number, then, when you receive your final bill from your former carrier, submit it online to Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon.

Which carrier has the best coverage in my area?

When it comes to U.S. cell phone coverage, one carrier reigns supreme: Verizon. T-Mobile is not far off, though, while AT&T and Sprint occupy the #3 and #4 positions. Here are the coverage rankings: Verizon: 70% 4G coverage.

Sprint Network National Coverage Map

  • AT&T.
  • Sprint.
  • T Mobile.
  • Verizon.