Question: Is Telcel GSM Or CDMA?

“Telcel (Mexico) uses 2 GSM bands, 2 UMTS bands, and 1 LTE band.

Find out if your unlocked phone or mobile device will work with Telcel (Mexico).” Telcel utilizes Band 4 for LTE and 850 and 1900 mhz for GSM and UTMS.

What carrier is Telcel?

Telcel is a Mexican wireless telecommunications company, owned by América Móvil. Founded in 1989 and based in Mexico City, Telcel is the leading provider of wireless communications services in Mexico.

Do GSM phones work in Mexico?

Mobile Phones. Many US and Canadian cellular carriers offer Mexico roaming deals. Mexican SIM cards can be used in unlocked phones; all unlocked smartphones are compatible with Mexican data systems.

Does Mexico have CDMA network?

Verizon sees the light too and plans to dismantle their own 2G CDMA network by 2019. Sprint (also a CDMA carrier like Verizon) uses seamless GSM/HSPA/LTE roaming on Movistar in Mexico so I assume Verizon does the same now with Mexican carriers.

Will a tmobile phone work with Telcel?

Telcel America SIM Card will only work with T-mobile compatible or unlocked GSM phone.