Question: What Is The Difference Between EE And EE Essential?

What is an EE essential plan?

An Essential plan gives you unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and a data allowance as specified on your bill (or on My EE online).

It gives you access to the UK’s fastest 4G speeds on the EE network.

You’re also able to use your plan allowances in 48 destinations across Europe at no extra charge.

What are swappable benefits on EE?

The new Swappable Benefits from launch include: EE Music Data Pass –An entirely new music centric data pass which ensures that customers can stream as much music as they want and their mobile data isn’t impacted when they’re streaming Apple Music, Deezer and Tidal.

What is a Max plan EE?

The carrier’s 4GEE Max plans are geared more towards power users. Available from £26 per month, these offer EE’s “fastest 4G speeds” and data allowances of 3GB up to 40GB. BT Sport access is guaranteed throughout the entire length of the contract, and these also benefit from what EE is calling “roam like home.”

Do Ee do unlimited data?

No, on EE, all of our unlimited plans are un-throttled so you can access the fastest speeds that are available in the area. Can I gift data on an unlimited plan? Yes, if you’re on a unlimited plan you can gift up to 100GB of data or 120GB if you’re on a 5G smart handset plan.

Where can I use my EE Max plan?

EE gives you access to roam across 48 countries in Europe at no extra cost. If you’re a Max plan user who joined or upgraded after 10 May 2017, your allowance can be used in 53 countries – all of the above, plus Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and USA.

How do I check my EE plan?

To check your remaining allowances and credit, including minutes, texts and data, on your pay monthly, pay as you go or Flex plan account:

  • log in to My EE.
  • text BALANCE to 150 for free from your EE phone.

What are EE benefits?

Employee benefits in the United States include relocation assistance; medical, prescription, vision and dental plans; health and dependent care flexible spending accounts; retirement benefit plans (pension, 401(k), 403(b)); group term life and long-term care insurance plans; legal assistance plans; medical second

What is EE lifetime guarantee?

EE lifetime guarantee:

A customer’s device is covered against any manufacturer faults for the lifetime of their new contract, until they upgrade or leave, providing extended warranty protection, and repairs using authorised experts – all at no extra cost.

What is EE Music Pass?

The EE Music Data Pass is a 30-day rolling add-on so once added it will stay on your account, with the cost added to your monthly mobile bill, until you remove it.

Can I use my data in USA EE?

All our plans now include EU roaming data. If you have a Max plan that started on or after 10 May 2017, you can use your allowance in over 50 countries, including North America, Australia and New Zealand (as well as the whole of the EU). None of our plans will charge you after you’ve used up your inclusive data.

Is EE unlimited data really unlimited?

The plan comes with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited 4G data. According to Virgin, there are no restrictions on “tethering, throttling, speed restrictions or caps”. Download speeds of up to 70Mbps are available on Virgin Mobile using 4G coverage from the EE network.

What countries are covered by EE?

EE Europe Roaming Zone countries are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Channel Islands, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Reunion Islands

Can you gift data to anyone on EE?

If someone on your account is on your shared plan, you can’t gift data to them. But you can gift data to yourself, that they can use. you move 1GB data from your partner’s plan to yours. both you and your daughter have 1GB data to share.

How do I get unlimited data on EE?

All you need to do is head to your nearest EE branch, give them a call or go to the EE website, and you’ll be able to get in on these new unlimited data deals.

Is 50gb enough for 1 month?

50GB is not quite unlimited data, but it is more than it sounds and more than the average person downloads on a monthly basis. Here is a short guide to your download limits and what you could possibly download to use up all 50GBs of data in 1 month.

Can I use my EE phone in Turkey?

EE pay monthly and pay as you go customers may already be set up, but here’s how to check: Text ROAMING to 150 (it’s free) before you travel. Note: Turkey (you may connect to a Turkish network in Northern Cyprus) and Andorra are outside the EU/EEA and not included in our European Roaming Zone.

Can I use my EE Data in Canada?

EE will also offer ‘4GEE Max’ plans which include inclusive roaming in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand as well as the aforementioned 47 territories. “Our customers want to be able to stay connected whether they’re travelling around the UK or abroad,” said EE CEO Marc Allera.

Where can I use my phone abroad EE?

We’ve got great news – you can take your UK minutes, texts and data with you to use anywhere in the EU. The changes apply to all EE customers, so whether you’re on pay monthly or pay as you go, or you’re a business customer, you can use your phone abroad just the same as you do at home.