What Is Unlimited Freedom V24?

” The first plan, Unlimited Basic, is basically a worse version of Sprint’s existing $60-per-month Unlimited Freedom plan.

It cuts LTE hot spot data from 10GB to just 500MB, and it’ll throttle video down to 480p, which it didn’t do in the past.

It will still include a Hulu subscription (with commercials).

What is unlimited freedom v17?

With Unlimited Freedom, enjoy unlimited mobile-optimized streaming videos, gaming and music. And, unlimited 4G LTE data for most everything else. Or, choose Unlimited Freedom Premium, and get premium-resolution streaming for only $20/line/mo. Streaming-cloud gaming is limited at up to 2mbps.

What is Sprint unlimited freedom v24 plan?

Hot on the heels of T-Mobile’s new unlimited data plan, Sprint is launching a new Unlimited Freedom plan for $100. The plan is meant to compare to T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon’s offerings, giving customers unlimited data, talk and text for $60 a month for one line and $100 for two, including access charges.

How much is Sprint’s unlimited freedom plan?

But Sprint has increased the data cap, which is now set to 50GB, instead of 23GB. At five lines, the Unlimited Basic costs $160, while the Plus plan will take you back with $180. That’s a big difference when compared to the $100 promotion of its bygone Unlimited Freedom plan.

Is Sprint unlimited freedom a contract?

Sprint’s Unlimited Freedom plan applies only to new customers who are also buying (outright purchases or financing) or leasing phones from Sprint at the time of purchase, and credit approval is required. There is an activation fee of up to $30 per line and the Unlimited Freedom Plan requires eBilling.

Who has the best unlimited data plan?

What Is the Best Unlimited Plan for Individuals?

CarrierPlan NameWho’s It Good For
SprintSprint Unlimited PlusCustomers who want extras like Hulu and Tidal without paying top dollar
AT&TAT&T Unlimited & More PremiumCustomers who want unlimited data and streaming TV through AT&T without restrictions

2 more rows

What is Sprint’s unlimited basic plan?

The Sprint Unlimited Basic Plan includes Unlimited Talk, Text and High-Speed Data while on the Sprint network, Hulu service plus unlimited talk & text and 5GB of 4G LTE data in Canada & Mexico.

Which Sprint plan is the best?

Best Sprint Plans

PlanBest ForWhy We Love it
Sprint Unlimited Plus PlanFamily PlanPretty insane price for 5 lines of a great unlimited plan
Sprint Unlimited Premium PlanFeaturesGet extravagant features for a not-extravagant price
Sprint Single Line 2GB PlanLow DataNot a bad deal aboard Sprint’s main network

1 more row

Is Sprint unlimited data really unlimited?

Sprint. Sprint has two unlimited plans: Unlimited Basic, which starts at $60 per month for one line, and Unlimited Premium, which starts at $70 per month for one line.

Does Sprint Unlimited plan slow down?

Answer. Sprint does not throttle customers on Unlimited Data plans. That being said, heavy data users (those who have used more than 50 GB in their current bill cycle) may experience slower data speeds during times or in places where the network is more congested.

Who has the cheapest unlimited data plan?

Comparison prepaid unlimited data plans with autopay discount applied

CarrierData limitMonthly cost
Sprint Forward Unlimited23GB per month$60
T-Mobile One Prepaid10GB per month$70
Verizon prepaidunlimitedNone$75
AT&T Unlimited Plus22GB per month$75

1 more row

Which phone company has the cheapest unlimited plan?

Verizon Wireless Beyond Unlimited Plan

CarrierVerizon Wireless
DataUnlimited Data
TypeNo Contract
Current DealGet a $250 Prepaid MasterCard with select BYO 4G smartphones (online only)
Total Price$85 per month with $5 Auto-Pay discount + $20 Upfront

1 more row

What is the cheapest phone plan?

Our picks for the best cheap cell phone plans for the month include:

  • Sprint’s Unlimited Kickstart plan: $25/month for unlimited everything.
  • Twigby’s unlimited talk and text plan: Discounted at $9.75/month.
  • Good2Go Mobile’s 1GB plan: $15/month on AT&T’s network.
  • Ting’s 20GB plan: $20/month (limited time offer)