Quick Answer: Which Straight Talk Plan Is The Best?

Is straight talk a good plan?

Straight Talk Unlimited Plan with 3GB

This plan is a great value, especially given the reliable coverage you’ll enjoy aboard Straight Talk’s network.

What Towers does Straight Talk use?

Straight Talk’s Antennas and Towers

Many of these are owned or used by Sprint Nextel, Verizon or T-Mobile and can support Straight Talk service in the area.

What is the cheapest Straight Talk plan?

Straight Talk Wireless Plans

Ultimate Plan with 3GB3GB$34/month
Ultimate Plan with 25GB25GB$44/month
Ultimate Unlimited Data PlanUnlimited$50/month
Ultimate International Plan10GB$59/month

Which Straight Talk phone is the best?

Read on for our pick of the best phones at Walmart right now.

  • Samsung Galaxy S10e. The best Walmart cell phone overall.
  • iPhone X. The best high-end cell phone you can buy at Walmart.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10. The best unlocked Walmart phone.
  • Moto E4 Plus.
  • iPhone 8.
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.
  • Motorola Moto E4 16GB Prepaid Smartphone.

Is straight talk really unlimited?

Straight Talk has now fessed up about how much data is too much data. There will not be ‘unlimited data’ anymore. They’ll give you 2.5 GB of high speed data each month. After 2.5 GB, you’ll be throttled to something like slow dial-up in the 1990s!

Is the Straight Talk unlimited plan really unlimited?

Quick answer: The $55 Ultimate Unlimited plan from Straight Talk gives you unlimited data, talk and text – so you can do all the things you love on your smartphone.

Does Straight Talk use all Verizon towers?

Straight Talk is a type of carrier known as an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator), which means that it doesn’t run or own a wireless network. Instead, it purchases the right to use towers from AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint.

Is straight talk better than Verizon?

Straight Talk is still a good deal with two people in a family, but once you get up to four users the savings tip back in the favor of the Verizon plan. Straight Talk doesn’t offer an overage option to get more than 10GB of high-speed data. On the single line plans from Verizon, the overage is $15 for 1GB.

Is Straight Talk owned by Verizon?

Straight Talk operates on the Verizon Wireless network because it does not have a wireless network of its own. Although Straight Talk uses the Verizon network, the providers are separate cell phone carriers.

What is the $30 Straight Talk plan?

This card includes a 30-day plan with 1,500 minutes, unlimited text or multimedia messages and 100MB of Mobile Web access. Straight Talk 1,500 Mins/Unlimited Text Monthly $30 (Email Delivery): Nationwide service on Straight Talk’s reliable network. No activation, reactivation, cancellation, daily access or overage fees.

How much is the Straight Talk plan?

Save $1.00 every 30 days with the $35, $45, $55 and $60 plans.

Does Straight Talk have hidden fees?

Straight Talk Plans

The first contract plan is called the “All You Need” Plan and costs $30 per month. It costs $45/month and includes unlimited nationwide calling, unlimited text and picture messages and unlimited data access as well as 411 service. There is one important caveat.