Quick Answer: Why Do I Have LTE Instead Of 4g?

So the reason your phone says LTE is because you are in an area that has the fastest internet speeds.

If your phone previously said 4g instead of LTE, and all of a sudden it started saying LTE instead, it’s because the tower nearest to you was upgraded and you now can benefit from the faster LTE 4g speeds.

Is 4g and LTE the same?

4G LTE means fourth generation long term evolution. LTE is a kind of 4G that provides fastest connection to mobile Internet experience-10 times faster than 3G. The terms 4G and 4G LTE are often used by people interchangeably, but they are not the same.

How do I get 4g on my iPhone instead of LTE?


  • Open the Settings. app.
  • Select Cellular in the Settings menu.
  • Toggle the Cellular Data switch to On. .
  • Tap Enable LTE. This will then direct you to one more setting.
  • Select Voice and Data. Once you’ve done this, 4G LTE will be enabled on your iOS device.

How do I switch from LTE to 4g?

Method 2- On Android-

  1. Go to the menu and select “settings”
  2. Tap on “mobile networks”
  3. Tap on “network mode” and then touch “LTE”
  4. Tap on the menu and select “Phone”
  5. When get a code ,enter that code into your dialer or keypad.
  6. Then” send”
  7. Tap on “phone information” and then scroll down to “set preferred network type”

What does it mean when my phone says LTE?

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution, and it represents the high speed wireless communications technology that many modern cell phones and cellular devices use for high speed mobile communication. When you see the LTE symbol on your device, that means you’re connected to an LTE network, as opposed to 2G EDGE, 3G, etc.

Is LTE faster than 4g?

4G data transmission speeds is better than 3G. 4G LTE wireless broadband is 10 times faster than 3G— whose download maximum speeds can reach 12 Mbps (Megabits per second) and upload speeds can reach 5 Mbps, with peak download speeds approaching 50 Mbps.

Why is 4g called LTE?

LTE stands for Long-term Evolution, and isn’t as much a technology as it is the path followed to achieve 4G speeds. This stands for Long-term Evolution Advanced, and it takes us a step closer to proper 4G. It offers faster speeds and greater stability than normal LTE.

Why does my iPhone show 4g instead of LTE?

Depending on the wireless carrier, 4G can indicate either a UMTS or LTE connection. If your carrier doesn’t support VoLTE and is a CDMA carrier, you’ll only see an option to Enable LTE. This allows cellular-data use over the LTE network when available.

How do I change from E to 4g?

Set preferred network type or Switch Change 2G to 3G 4G LTE only mode in Android Phone:

  • First Go to Settings.
  • Select Wireless and Networks.
  • Scroll Down and Touch on Mobile Network.
  • Tap on Dual SIM / SIM Settings.
  • Select “Network Mode”
  • Some option Will Pop in the Screen.
  • WCDMA (Means 3G) , GSM (2G ) , LTE (4G)

How do I activate 4g?

First, swipe up on the home screen and tap on the Settings icon, and then tap on the Network & Internet selection. You should then tap on the Mobile Network menu, and then tap on the Advanced option. Finally, tap on the LTE selection for 4G access.